Sadly, we join our roller derby friends from across the globe who have lost venues and training spaces due to the ongoing impacts of COVID 19. The Track will be closing in the coming months.
With no roller derby games played since March 2020, there has been no team sponsorship or revenue from games, no tournaments and although membership at the club grows with the engagement in our youth programs, it’s sadly not enough to keep the doors open of The Track.
Our future is uncertain but we will work to keep our skating community alive and thriving.
We will find a new venue.
We will reopen our programs as soon as possible.
We have an incredibly hardworking club with amazing volunteers who are the heart and soul of the organisation. Their passion and their resilience during the last 12 months have been astounding. Thank you to the amazing Albany community for your support of our club and our venue.
We are Adaptable
We are Resilient
We are Dynamic
We are Leaders
– Jarvis